Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Contact me

If any-one out there have some recipes on making your own mineral make -up please e mail it to me. I already get so much spam e mails that I do not mind posting my e mail address.



RoxyJ said...

Hi Debra, please see my newest post on Lovelygood.com "http://www.lovelygood.com/2007/10/30/make-your-mineral-makeup-links/" for tips on making your own Mineral Makeup. ;)

Jen38 said...

Great to hear from you Debra! I personally have never made my own mineral makeup. I do have several good friends and sites that might be able to help you though:

www.ethicallygreen.wordpress.com - This gal loves to make her own stuff, from her own homemade toothpaste to hair conditioner.

www.cosmeticsaware.wordpress.com - Another amazing make-it-yourself cosmetic resource.

I also just came across a fascinating website that sells supplies, recipes, and ingredients to create pretty much what ever cosmetic you would like to. It is so incredibly cool that I will definitely try to make something from their site soon:


**I also heard on a recent pod cast from www.LooseLipsNY.com, that you can create your own pressed powder using your existing loose mineral makeup.

Tell me how things go, best wishes! Jen

lidia said...

hi Debra.. can we have an link exchange my blog is www.mineralmake-=up.blogspot.com..

organic lipstick said...

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