Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Eye shadow

From PV Soap

(Makes about 1 oz/30 gr) --
All ingredients were measured not weighed

Phase I (Base Powders)

3 Tblsps Micronized Titanium Dioxide
1 ½ Tsps Magnesium Stearate

Phase II
(Oil & Scent)
¼ Tsp Jojoba Oil
Drops of any essential oil (optional for scent)

Phase III (Color / Tint)

2+ Tsps of the iron oxide pigment color of your choice(start with small amounts and build to achieve the desired shade)
2 ½ Tsps Sericite Mica (pearl or matt)

Mix ingredients from Phase I in a large bowl or mortar. Slowly add the Phase IIIingredients and mix (homogenize) with the pestle being sure to blend the color intothe white powders.
Chose the pearl sericite if you want a shimmer in yourshadow, or the matt sericite if you want low luster.
A coffee grinder can also beused, but please reserve it just for cosmetics.
Add the Phase II ingredients and mix lightly with a spoon taking care not to crush the mica powders.
Put into a sifter jar or container and apply with a small brush.
Determining the correct color for you:
Change the tint by adding more of any of the iron oxides.
Add more titanium dioxide, or sericite mica if you desire a lighter overall shade.
Make note of your additions/changes so that you can duplicate when necessary.
Transfer eye shadow into 3 - 10 gr sifter jars for easy application.
We've found the Magic Bullet™ to work great and really blend all the colors without leaving any clumps. The Magic Bullet can be purchased at local shops & Walgreen's Pharmacy.

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